Zoom group classes are live bi-directional video communication. You have the option to turn off your camera and just watch the live class.  if you decide  to turn on your camera, the instructor will be able to see you, and the other students may be able to see you if your microphone is  unmuted.

The instructor, Lena Gelland holds nationally recognized certifications in Pilates and Personal Training and will do her best to address clients needs. If you have any medical conditions such as pregnancy or any previous injuries, you must consult with your physician to understand all risks.  By signing below you represent and warrant that you have no medical conditions that would prevent your participation in the class.  You will also recognize that the classes you are about to enter can be physically demanding and assume full responsibility  for any risks, injuries or damages that you may incur as a result of participation. Accordingly, you will waive any claim that you may have against the instructor (Lena Gelland) for damage or loss that you directly or indirectly may sustain as a result of the participation in the online exercise sessions.  By checking the box below you will acknowledge that you have read, understand and voluntary agree with the terms and conditions stated above.