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Workouts for Wellbeing

Hello, My name is Lena Gelland. I am a Pilates instructor and personal trainer passionate about well-being and movement. In my small private studio you will find a variety of Pilates machines as well as resistance training tools. I train people of all fitness levels and all ages, but find a special gratification in working with those in middle life and beyond.  I learned from my training experience that practicing Pilates in combination with strength training can create extraordinary results for my clients' bodies and mindsets regardless of their age and physical qualities.

My sessions are designed with  a focus on alignment, core conditioning, building strong muscles and bones, and improving balance and coordination. My goal as a trainer is to bring mindfulness into movement and help you re-discover your body as your best friend and partner. Together, we will create and experience the most efficient total body workout, using a combination of exercises and equipment tailored to your specific needs.



Free Introductory class when you buy a package of 4 or more classes.  For new clients only.



I started practicing Pilates in 1999 as a mom of three little kids.  Pilates cured my chronic back pain and helped me to find structure and mental strength at  the most challenging periods of my life.  As my children grew older, I decided to become a Pilates instructor. I received my formal training through STOTT Pilates.  After teaching for a year, I felt a need for more education in human anatomy and physiology, which led me to the path of becoming an ACE certified personal trainer. I have taught group equipment and mat classes at Pilates Fusion, Yoga Del Mar and PHR Recreation Center. Currently, I train clients privately at my fully equipped home studio in Del Mar, CA.

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