Workouts for Wellbeing 

We all know that exercise is great for our body, mind and emotional health. We've all tried cardio and weights. How effective is your current workout routine? Is your body strong and balanced at the same time? Are you self-conscious about your posture? Do you move with efficiency and confidence without pain?  I practice and teach Pilates because it is a system designed to address the entire body while bringing mindfulness into movement. Yes, regular practice of Pilates will give you a strong core and lean muscles, but what's more important is that you will acquire skills to address your specific body needs. You will improve your quality of movement, from everyday tasks to athletic performance.  My goal is to give you a total body workout, safely challenge your physical strength, create new body awareness and re-energize your spirit.

Private Sessions on Equipment

In the original Pilates method, instructors were trained to work with each client individually. Every person's body is unique. Genetics, injuries, pregnancy, emotional stress, repetitive motion, all manifest themselves in a body. The skeletal and muscular imbalances become more noticeable as we age and may eventually interfere with our wellbeing. Joseph Pilates, the founder of the method, designed a variety of equipment to focus on specific body problems. The reformer apparatus deals with skeletal misalignments, the cadillac springs help to stretch soft tissues, and barrels were created to open the chest and lungs. Working one on one allows me as your teacher to program the most efficient workout, using a combination of exercises and equipment tailored to your specific needs. 

Studio 56 

Located in Ashley Falls neighborhood of Carmel Valley. Easily accessible from Highway 56 or via Del Mar Heights Rd from I-5.


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